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How it works


1. Get The App

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2. Upload

Upload the documents you want to print via the mobile app.

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3. Print

Tap your phone to get your printing delivered next day, or find a printer nearby.


Why is it free?

Free printing is made possible thanks to our premium sponsors that place relevant coupons and discounts on the footer of your documents and in-app whilst you are printing off your work.

From lecture notes to festival tickets, start printing for free today and save over £1,000 whilst at university.

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Printing delivered to your door

Printt Delivery is the smarter way to order your printing. Order your printing in-app and our team will carefully package it and get it delivered to your door. Please note that Printt Delivery is a premium service and does carry a postal charge of £2.49 per order (up to 250 pages) and £5.99 for any orders above this amount.

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Printers everywhere around you

With over 750 locations across the UK
Printt is always nearby. Get within 5 meters of your closest printer and press printt in the app.

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