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About Printt

The Best Way To Print Your Documents

We are a network of Printt® Ready printers that you can use via our mobile apps. Our printers are located in hundreds of public locations where you study, work and relax. Simply approach one of them and use Printt App to print your documents with a tap.

Students Print For Free

Printt® Ready printers in universities, students’ unions & accomodations let you print for free. Why is it free? Our sponsors place ads on the footer of the documents you print.

Easiest Way To Print

One tap and your document is printed. No USBs, no queues, no staff members to talk to. Payment is completely seamless; printing is completely private.

Whenever you need it

From presentations to boarding passes, print anything in colour, black & white and single or double sided. Whenever you need to print, count on Printt.

Truly Mobile

Print on the go at any Printt® Ready printer using only your phone. Upload your document, approach your nearest location and tap printt on the app.