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What's Printt?

Printt app lets students print for free by placing ads on the bottom of their documents.
80% of university students have access to one of our printers across the UK.
Our retention rate is better than social networking, media or entertainment apps.

Our ad options

Branded pages

Every page printed via Printt has an ad.

We place your message on a printed page. These ads can't be blocked, and they have a high average dwell time of 28 hours per week.

In-app Ads

Digital ads that entice eyes and ears are shown while printing.

Whether you want to share stories or send people to your website, you can. Digital ads include in-line videos that autoplay, interactive content, animated GIFs, images and good old text.

Monthly prize draws

Each month, we run a prize draw for our users.

Every action within Printt earns users an entry into our draw. This is another great and fun way for you to build brand awareness with our students.

Are your ads really being seen?

It might sound obvious, but our users only print something they actually want. This means all of our ads are seen. Always.

Can't Be

Our ads can't be blocked. And as people print something they actually want, they will see the ads printed on the bottom of their


Your ads stay with our users on their branded pages. Our in-app ads are served exclusively in an uncluttered environment, with a high minimum dwell time of one minute.


Worried your ads might be shown next to inappropriate content? With Printt, you don't have to. 96% of our printing is educational material.

Case Studies

"We worked with Printt to extend the reach for the recent ‘Stay Yourself’ responsible drinking campaign for Diageo, which was targeting students. The results were better than digital and more accountable. It’s probably one of the most interesting new media channels for brands to reach the student population, a simple idea that blends the benefits of old and new techniques."

Chris Arnold, Creative Director, Orchestra Advertising (former Creative Director & board director of Saatchi & Saatchi)

Engagements: 59,307

Diageo asked us to help launch their 'Stay Yourself' Campaign

Engagements: 122,730

Deliveroo used us to help spread the word about their service

Engagements: 40,356

Hyundai wanted us to help with generating buzz for a pop-up event in London

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