Printt it. Plantt it.


Our Carbon Capture printing helps support the environment. Here at Printt we make nature our business.


Our Story

We would like to believe that our story began back in 100BC in China during the Han dynasty, when the inventor Cai Lun found some bamboo fiber laying about, he boiled it, crushed it with a wooden tool and then let the mixture dry out in the sun and that is how the world’s first paper was born.

In 2014 Printt set out on a journey to make all printing free across the UK, with one core belief - paper is essential to education. We have all tried to do the paperless thing and majority of us just ended up with a constant headache and bad eyesight. Its difficult to create beautiful notes or even do the simple things like highlighting without the sense of touch that paper gives us. Today we are the largest free printing solution in the UK. However, with great power comes great responsibility.


We 💚 trees

Trees are one of nature’s most effective tools in helping us cool down our planet. They naturally absorb harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the atmosphere, helping us to cleanse and purify the air.

Our mission has never wavered - give back more than we use. This is why we are a part of the Woodland Carbon Scheme. With every page that we print at our Printt Factory we give back twice as much to nature.

How to minimise your CO2 footprint?

Printt has revolutionised printing, making it easy-to-use and free. Unfortunately, when things are free people tend to abuse them. We kindly ask you to be responsible with your printing.


Printing options

Some things don’t need colour to be pretty. Black & white printing is more efficient and producing the black ink uses less vegetable based colour inks, which helps reduce air and land pollution. You can also use half as much paper by simply printing on both sides, so double sided printing is essential. Our apps are set to print like this by default, so all you need to do is press printt.


One delivery

We process, print and package all your orders at our Printt Factory before sending them to your door. Upload all the documents you wish to print at once and we will bundle your printing in one large file, adjust the ink levels to minimise ink usage, but maintain the best quality, then package it and send it in one delivery. This will minimise delivery pollution and reduce CO2 emissions.


Sharing is caring

By using Printt instead of purchasing personal printers, you also make a positive impact to our planet. As students across the UK have moved on to print with us, we have saved a significant amount of CO2 pollution. Manufacturing and using personal printers is bad for our environment, as manufacturing consumes large amount of plastic and long term they have inefficient ink usage.


We get our hands dirty

It is easy to step aside and let others do the heavy-lifting. Our company values run strong in our veins and that is why we have come up with our own initiative - Printt Million Trees. We plant a tree for every 5,000 pages printed via Printt. Each new tree provides around 8,500 pages, making Printt sustainable.

The team behind Printt are devoted nature lovers, this is personal for us, so you will often see us going out in nature and getting our hands dirty.