How do I get a Printt station?

Easy! If you have a location with approximately 1m  of s2pace, mains power and internet access, then you can become a Printt Station Host. We will deliver and install the Printt Station for free. Once connected, your Printt Station becomes part of our network. It will be displayed on our in-app map. Anyone with Printt App can then print from your printer.

Just contact us on hello@printtapp.com and weʼll help you book your Printt Station order.

Can you give me an idea of how much I can make per printer?

On average, £2,400 per year, per printer.  

Does the printer cost me anything to buy?

No. The printers are supplied without a charge. Our revenue-share model covers their cost.  

So how much will it cost me to host a Printt station?

We automatically track printer usage and send you ink when needed — for free.  Your only new cost is the provision of paper.Internet and electrical supply costs are minimal — and it only takes a few seconds to pop fresh paper into a printer.

So how come I earn £2,400 per year, per printer, given that I'm supplying paper?

Usually, paper costs hosts between £0.1p - £0.5p per page. We pay you 1p per printed page. The rest is your profit. On average, this is £2,400 per year, perprinter.  And do remember: your Printt Stations will bring people to your location, which helps with footfall. Every visit by a Printt user is a chance for you to develop your business with them.

How do my customers print?

In three easy steps:   

  1. Upload what they want to print to their profile within Printt App or at printtapp.com.
  2. Stand within 5 metres of your Printt Station.
  3. Tap ‘printtʼ within the app to printt.

You must use Printt App on your phone to printt.    

What is a free printing zone?

Free Printing Zone allows customers to print for free.  Printing is sponsored by our advertising partners. They place footer ads on printed pages. Itʼs exactly the same as free TV, where the costs are covered by the advert breaks. 

Who advertises via Printt's free printing zone?

We work with numerous large agencies and brands. We only work with advertisers who are appropriate and legal (no tobacco etc).