Ask UK
students anything, anywhere.


Engage your modern customer through real-time mobile market research with real life, gender targeted and geo-located in-app surveys - all 100% anonymous, therefore 100% GDPR compliant.


Printt Research connects you with real 18-24s on the ground to gather real-time insights.

With the power of intelligent targeting and geolocation technology, you can now collect the data you need from 18-24s, anywhere, within hours and in an affordable way.


Guaranteed Response

We ask our students to answer a set of 5 questions in-app before their free printing begins. We also run the questionnaires while they are waiting for their printing to finish.


Targeted Questions

We localise the study within hours, and direct your questions to the right people in the right place to capture the student’s answers in real time.


Informed Decisions

We deliver rich insights extracted from quantitative data and in-depth analysis of all answers generated through your campaign.


250,000 real-time answers every month

Collect real-time, quality feedback from on-the-go students from the platform they love and engage with every time that they print. Printt has over 50K+ Unique users per month and a reach of over 1.2M+ students.